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Academic Integrity Tutorial: Test Your Existing Knowledge

Complete the Poll

Complete the following poll to determine how much you know about university-level academic skills and how the library can help you develop those skills.

Clicking will compare your response to others, but does not determine a right or wrong answer. The poll is merely a way to determine what you know about academic skills and the supports available to help you develop those skills. To learn more, click the Don't Know link.


Students who do their work with integrity have made an effort to learn specific university level academic skills.
Agree: 9081 votes (98.39%)
Disagree: 110 votes (1.19%)
Never heard of academic skills: 39 votes (0.42%)
Total Votes: 9230

Scholarly information and popular information are the same thing.
Agree: 742 votes (8%)
Disagree: 8373 votes (90.27%)
Don't Know: 161 votes (1.74%)
Total Votes: 9276

When writing a research essay, your voice is just one among many in the scholarly conversation about your research topic.
Agree: 8403 votes (92.19%)
Disagree: 547 votes (6%)
Don't Know: 165 votes (1.81%)
Total Votes: 9115

Citing the sources that you quote, paraphrase, or share ideas from demonstrates academic integrity and is the ethical way for you to participate.
Agree: 8838 votes (98.69%)
Disagree: 75 votes (0.84%)
Don' Know: 42 votes (0.47%)
Total Votes: 8955

Quoting, paraphrasing and citing are important parts of the research and writing process and it is important to master these skills.
Agree: 8784 votes (98.91%)
Disagree: 53 votes (0.6%)
Don't know: 44 votes (0.5%)
Total Votes: 8881

All students can benefit from accessing academic help on campus. This includes writing help, Math and Stats help, and Study Skills help.
Agree: 8770 votes (98.97%)
Disagree: 55 votes (0.62%)
Don't Know: 36 votes (0.41%)
Total Votes: 8861

Students who succeed at university have a growth mindset.
Agree: 8799 votes (97.33%)
Disagree: 152 votes (1.68%)
Never heard of a growth mindset: 89 votes (0.98%)
Total Votes: 9040