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Academic Integrity Tutorial: Safeguarding Your Integrity

Transparency and Responsible Use

Remember, as a university student, you have a unique opportunity to gather insights from experts, collaborate with peers, and learn from valuable feedback. Embrace the opportunities of being in an environment where you can explore, experiment, and test theories with relatively low risk. Unlike your interactions with GenAI, learning at university provides the additional benefits of human interaction, personal growth, and the chance to build skills that are uniquely your own.

As you contemplate the ethical and responsible use of generative AI in your studies, here are a few guidelines you can follow:

Be Transparent

  • Stay Informed: Take the time to understand how generative AI systems work and how they generate content. Knowing their limitations and potential biases will help you make informed decisions about their appropriate use.
  • Ask Questions: If you are unsure about using GenAI or about an output it generates, don't hesitate to ask for help. Seek the assistance of someone who might know. An instructor or TA are obvious choices.

Be Fair

  • Biased Content: Be mindful of bias in AI-generated content that may perpetuate negative and harmful stereotypes. Seek out AI systems that prioritize diversity and inclusivity in their training data.
  • Equal Access: Consider accessibility so everyone benefits equally from the use of AI tools, regardless of background or socioeconomic status.

Be Responsible

  • Proper Attribution: Always provide proper credit and citations when using AI-generated content in your academic work. Avoid plagiarism and respect intellectual property rights.
  • Think Ethically: Consider the impact of using generative AI on your academic integrity and originality. Make ethical decisions that align with your values and institutional guidelines.
  • Be Accountable: Take responsibility for how you use AI-generated content and be aware of any ethical dilemmas that may arise. Being accountable ensures you maintain the highest ethical standards in your work.

When using LLMs like ChatGPT

  • Consider ethical implications: Adhere to guidelines set by your instructor, your college or the university.
  • Be critical and verify the information: Cross-reference AI-generated content with trusted sources.
  • Use multiple sources: Supplement your findings with information from reputable scholarly articles and other reliable sources.
  • Start early: Ensure you have enough time to explore a wide range of sources and think critically about varying perspectives.