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Academic Integrity Tutorial: Test Your Existing Knowledge

Complete the Poll

Complete the poll below to determine what you may already know about generative artificial intelligence (GenAI).

Clicking will compare your response to others, but does not determine a right or wrong answer. The poll is merely a way to establish some common perceptions about the use of GenAI. To learn more, click the Don't Know link.


Generative AI can be a valuable tool for assisting students in academic writing and content creation.
Agree: 1013 votes (68.22%)
Disagree: 427 votes (28.75%)
Don't Know: 45 votes (3.03%)
Total Votes: 1485

The use of generative AI in university learning raises ethical concerns about plagiarism and academic honesty.
Agree: 1385 votes (97.67%)
Disagree: 17 votes (1.2%)
Don't know: 16 votes (1.13%)
Total Votes: 1418

Generative AI can perpetuate the biases present in its training data, reinforcing stereotypes and prejudices.
Agree: 1272 votes (91.38%)
Disagree: 57 votes (4.09%)
Don't know: 63 votes (4.53%)
Total Votes: 1392

Students are responsible for the ethical use of generative AI tools in their academic pursuits.
Agree: 1352 votes (97.34%)
Disagree: 23 votes (1.66%)
Don't know: 14 votes (1.01%)
Total Votes: 1389

Students can harness the power of generative AI while maintaining academic integrity, nurturing their creativity and their critical thinking skills.
Agree: 1187 votes (85.27%)
Disagree: 144 votes (10.34%)
Don't know: 61 votes (4.38%)
Total Votes: 1392

The university has clear guidelines and policies around the use of generative AI tools in academic settings.
Agree: 1186 votes (86.76%)
Disagree: 93 votes (6.8%)
Don't know: 88 votes (6.44%)
Total Votes: 1367

By relying too heavily on generative AI tools, students jeopardize the intellectual growth that comes from crafting original ideas and developing critical analysis skills.
Agree: 1305 votes (94.91%)
Disagree: 48 votes (3.49%)
Don't know: 22 votes (1.6%)
Total Votes: 1375

Students should always cite generative AI tools when incorporating its content into their academic work.
Agree: 1244 votes (91.94%)
Disagree: 60 votes (4.43%)
Don't know: 49 votes (3.62%)
Total Votes: 1353

ChatGPT and other large language models make things up, so it is essential to critically assess the accuracy and credibility of AI-generated content.
Agree: 1270 votes (94%)
Disagree: 46 votes (3.4%)
Don't know: 35 votes (2.59%)
Total Votes: 1351

Students can freely share sensitive or personal data with AI tools, as complete anonymity and security is guaranteed.
Agree: 289 votes (20.84%)
Disagree: 1063 votes (76.64%)
Don't care: 35 votes (2.52%)
Total Votes: 1387

Students should respect intellectual property rights and seek proper permissions when using AI tools that involve copyrighted material.
Agree: 1309 votes (96.53%)
Disagree: 16 votes (1.18%)
Don't know: 31 votes (2.29%)
Total Votes: 1356