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Academic Integrity Tutorial: Test your Existing Knowledge

Complete the Poll

Complete the following poll to see how your assumptions compare to others.

Clicking will compare your response to others, but does not determine a right or wrong answer. The poll is merely a way to establish some common ideas about access to information and its acceptable use. To learn more, click the Don't Know link.

Agree or Disagree?

Visiting the library is unnecessary because everything I need when doing research can be found using Google.
Agree: 1402 votes (9.8%)
Disagree: 12339 votes (86.28%)
Don't know: 560 votes (3.92%)
Total Votes: 14301

Information I find online has no copyright attached to it; it is free for me to use.
Agree: 740 votes (5.31%)
Disagree: 12579 votes (90.24%)
Don't know: 621 votes (4.45%)
Total Votes: 13940

Openly licensed materials such as text, music, or images that carry a Creative Commons license don’t require a citation when reusing.
Agree: 1226 votes (8.88%)
Disagree: 11166 votes (80.86%)
Don't know: 1417 votes (10.26%)
Total Votes: 13809

Wikipedia is not usually considered a reliable source of information for academic research.
Agree: 11976 votes (86.33%)
Disagree: 1598 votes (11.52%)
Don't know: 298 votes (2.15%)
Total Votes: 13872

Risks associated with plagiarism are over-rated because nothing is original and everything can be remixed.
Agree: 875 votes (6.37%)
Disagree: 12438 votes (90.58%)
Don't know: 419 votes (3.05%)
Total Votes: 13732

No one owns the information generated by chatbots like ChatGPT, so it is free for me to use without attribution.
Agree: 0 votes (0%)
Disagree: 2 votes (100%)
Don't know: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 2

Undeclared or unauthorized use of AI tools to produce work for academic credit (assignments, theses or dissertations) is a form of academic misconduct.
Agree: 2 votes (100%)
Disagree: 0 votes (0%)
Don't know: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 2

Avoiding academic misconduct is about developing good academic and time management skills.
Agree: 11360 votes (82.71%)
Disagree: 1876 votes (13.66%)
Don't know: 499 votes (3.63%)
Total Votes: 13735

The values of academic integrity - honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage - are worth upholding, even in the face of adversity.
Agree: 13379 votes (97.57%)
Disagree: 194 votes (1.41%)
Don't know: 139 votes (1.01%)
Total Votes: 13712

Sample Quiz Question

Which of the following constitutes academic misconduct?
Seeking to acquire or acquiring prior knowledge of the contents of any examination question or paper with the intent of gaining an unfair advantage: 204 votes (1.36%)
Consulting or seeking the assistance of others when writing a “take home” examination unless permitted by the course instructor: 108 votes (0.72%)
Altering answers on a returned examination: 106 votes (0.7%)
Collaborating with other students without the express consent of the instructor: 41 votes (0.27%)
Presenting the work, words or ideas of someone else as your own: 303 votes (2.01%)
All of the above: 14158 votes (94.08%)
None of the above: 129 votes (0.86%)
Total Votes: 15049