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Academic Integrity Tutorial: Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

In the Machine Learning video, Hilary Mason discusses the potential impact of AI across various sectors, emphasizing the importance of transparency, fairness, and thoughtful use of these technologies. Generative AI, which represents the next level of machine learning, is much more advanced and requires greater awareness of both its capabilities and the ethical considerations surrounding its usage.1

As a student contemplating whether or not to use generative AI tools for academic tasks, it's essential to be mindful of both the potential and limitations of GenAI. This includes understanding its susceptibility to bias and the potential for errors in its outputs.

At the end of this module, you should be able to

  • Recognize the fundamental principles and applications of generative AI
  • Identify potential ethical dilemmas associated with using generative AI in your studies
  • Adopt strategies to address ethical dilemmas arising from the use of generative AI in your educational pursuits
  • Evaluate the impact of AI-informed decisions on your personal academic growth, your peers and society

1. RedBlink. “Generative AI vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning Differences.” Redblink, August 4, 2023.