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Academic Integrity Tutorial: Summary


All colleges and universities in Canada have academic integrity policies. Policies help us understand what the rules are and how to apply those rules. At the University of Saskatchewan, the Regulations on Student Academic Misconduct (2022) outlines

  • the rules governing academic conduct and misconduct,
  • the procedures in place to deal with misconduct, and
  • the penalties associated with acts of academic misconduct.

While these rules protect the reputation of the university and the rights of all its members, it is ultimately the responsibility of the entire university community to uphold and act in accordance with the rules.

As a student at the University of Saskatchewan, you are responsible for knowing the regulations that govern academic conduct. It is equally important to understand what your rights are if faced with an allegation and where to find help. The USSU’s Academic Advocacy Office serves as a general information source for undergraduate students on their rights and responsibilities and is there to advise you on both the formal and informal policies and procedures of the University of Saskatchewan. Similarly, the GSA Executive Committee members are well versed in the regulations and can support graduate students.

Take a moment to review the following video that reiterates what academic integrity is and why it's important to establish a clear code of conduct:

Source: "Module 1 Overview: Academic Integrity" 
by Ontario Ethics is licensed through YouTube under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

Next Section

The next section will introduce you to the key academic skills associated with the prevention of academic misconduct and the learning supports that are available to help you develop those skills.

Ensure that you have read and are aware of all the formal and informal procedures listed on the Student Academic Misconduct webpage.  You will need it to complete the following quiz.

Kindly complete the short survey after the quiz which will help us to improve this module.