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Psychology: Find Journal Articles

Best Journal Article Databases for Psychology

The following databases are key sources for searching for scholarly journal articles in Psychology. 

APA PsycINFO is your best choice for finding credible psychological research literature.  Need help searching APA PsycINFO? Start here, watch this short video, and/or contact Angie Gerrard.

Other Databases

Depending on your topic, there may be additional journal article databases that you would like to search in. Not sure where to search? I can help!

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a quick and easy way to broadly search for scholarly literature in one place. 

While it does not provide comprehensive coverage of the literature of any particular discipline, it's often a good starting point when you are new to a topic.  It's also a great tool to use when you are tracking down a specific citation.

Make sure you update your Google Scholar settings to ensure seamless access to University Library subscribed content.

PsycINFO & PsycARTICLES databases

Scholarly & Popular Articles

For most psychological research papers, it is expected that you will use scholarly, peer-reviewed, journal articles (as opposed to magazine, or popular, articles). 

Not sure of the difference between scholarly and popular sources? Read this guide, or use this interactive diagram entitled "Anatomy of a Scholarly Article" (produced by NCSU Libraries).