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Psychology: APA PsycTests Database

What is PsycTESTS?

PsycTests is the best place to begin your search for test information. PsycTests contains test information for mostly non-commercial tests and about half the tests indexed here include the full-text of the test.

To search by test name:

  1. Once you get into PsycTests, change the search from Advanced to Basic.
  2. Enter the name of the test (or test authors), e.g. “Seasonal Beliefs Questionnaire”
  3. Review the references and click on the test name to review the complete test record.
  4. To see if the actual test is available, look for the Ovid Database PDFs to the right of the test reference.

Sample Search by Topic

This video demonstrates a basic search in APA PsycTests for full-text (pdf) tests on autism with permissions to use for research and teaching (i.e. non-commercial purposes).

Video starts at 30:12; recommended stop time is 37:13
(from the webinar New Features of PsycTESTS – Ovid Platform from APA Publishing Training)

Can I Use This Test?