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Psychology: Tests & Measures

Psychological Tests & Measures: Introduction

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While the University Library does NOT actively collect psychological test instruments (surveys, scales, etc.), we have many sources that can assist you in learning more about a particular test and sometimes obtaining the test itself. 

Commercially-available tests are usually purchased through the test publisher.

Unpublished tests or those that originated in the scholarly literature can normally be obtained directly from the researcher/author who created the test.  These tests may also be available in the APA PsycTests database or appended in journal articles or books.

Steps to Finding Tests and Test Information

There are four main steps to finding, evaluating, and using tests.  Each of these steps has a corresponding website with more information.

IDENTIFY > identify the names of some potential tests for your research need

EVALUATE > Evaluate the test for validity and reliability

SEARCH > Search for the actual test or sample test questions

SEEK > Seek permission to use the test

Getting Started

Penn State University Libraries has a great site on the steps involved in finding a test for your research project or thesis.  

Capella University Library has a self-guided tutorial on finding tests and measures.

Got a Question?

Navigating the world of psychological test information can be a bit daunting. Please reach-out if you have any questions!