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Past Law Course Reserves: Banking, Payment and Transfer Systems (LAW 498 - Special Topics)

Items on course reserve for Banking, Payment and Transfer Systems (Special Topics) 2017/2018





Set-Off and Security Interests /
Clayton Bangsund
Professor's copy

LR 1
(Prof's copy)

4 hr OUT


PPSL Values /  Clayton Bangsund
Professor's copy 


LR 2
(Prof's copy)

4 hr OUT 0

PPSL Values /  Clayton Bangsund
Professor's copy


LR 2 c.2

(Prof's copy)

4 hr OUT


Deposit Account Set-Off Under the PPSA / Clayton Bangsund
Professor's copy

LR 3
(Prof's copy)
4 hr OUT 2
The Deposit Account & Chose in Action at Common Law & Under the PPSA:
A Historical Review
/ Clayton Bangsund
Professor's copy

LR 5

(Prof's copy)

4 hr OUT 1
Security Interests in Accounts and
the Right of Set-Off
/ Ronald Cuming
​Professor's copy

LR 6
(Prof's copy)

4 hr OUT 0
Report to the Canadian Conference on Personal Property Security Law on
Proposals for Changes to the Personal Property Security Acts

Professor's copy

LR 7
(Prof's copy

4 hr OUT 0

Adding items to your course reserves

Although physical materials cannot be added, the process of requesting course reserve items remains the same. Please use the electronic form: Put items on course reserve for my class to add items to your course reserve lists. 

Please take note of the following reminders: 

  • Please submit your course reserve list as early as possible
  • Course reserve lists are processed in the order they are received
  • There is currently a 15 item maximum 
  • Prior to requesting items for your course reserve lists please review the USask Fair Dealing Guidelines - Copyright information.

    • The Fair Dealings Guidelines explain rules around copying and percentage of books that can be shared with your students.