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EndNote 20: Retrieve Full-Text

Introduction to EndNote 20, bibliographic citation management software.

Retrieving Full Text Articles

It is possible to set up EndNote to retrieve PDFs of full text articles with the click of a button. Although not all articles can be retrieved, this helpful tool saves you time.

  1. Ensure you have completed the steps to connect EndNote to the Library's link resolver (instructions here).
  2. Select the reference(s) you would like to attach full-text articles to
  3. Click the "Find Full Text..." button on the menu bar.  If you are not connected to the U of S network, you will be asked to authenticate with your NSID and password.

  4. EndNote will attempt to find the article. If successful, it will automatically be attached. If the process is unsuccessful, you may need to ensure the citation has been entered correctly, or find the article yourself. The results of the search for full-text are reportedin the left side-bar: