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EndNote 20: Integrate with the Library Catalogue

Introduction to EndNote 20, bibliographic citation management software.

Integrate with the USask Library Catalogue

  1. To be able to search the U of S Library Catalogue directly from EndNote, follow these instructions.
  2. From the left menu bar, scroll down to ONLINE SEARCH., and click "more"
  3.  Scroll until you find the entry U Saskatchewan, or use the Quick Search. Highlight "U Saskatchewan" and click "Choose".
  4. "U Saskatchewan" now appears in the list under "Online Search". 
  5. From the top menu bar, select ToolsConnection Files, then Open Connection Manager, then select "U Saskatchewan". Click on the Edit button.
  6. Highlight "About this Connection" on the left side menu, and change the fields to match this image:
  7. Highlight "Connection Settings" on the left side menu, and change the fields to match this page:
  8. The settings will update when you close the windows. EndNote will add "U Saskatchewan" under Online Search on the main left menu, so that you can search the U of S Library catalogue directly from EndNote.