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EndNote 20: Retrieve Fulltext

Introduction to EndNote 20, bibliographic citation management software.

Retrieve Full Text

  1.  EndNote can automatically find and attach the PDF's of many articles that we have access to.  We note that EndNote is not always successful finding the full text. This is a known bug that Clarivate is working on.  PDFs not found automatically will have to be added manually.
  2. On the Menu bar, click Edit -> Preferences. From here, select Find Full Text from the list on the left-hand side.
  3. Add the URL & Authentication paths:
    • URL: https://sfx/
    • Path:
    • Your screen should resemble the one below:

  4. Hit OK. You're done!

**Note: You may want to disable the option to Automatically invoke Find Full Text on newly-imported references if you are working with large numbers of references. Leaving this enabled can put a strain on the software and your internet connection as the program searches for and downloads hundreds (or thousands!) of full-text articles.