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Critical Thinking Tutorial: Self Reflection Activity

This tutorial will empower you with valuable critical thinking skills that are essential for your university education.

Consolidate Your Learning

Critical thinkers are individuals who constantly connect what they already know to the new information they encounter. This process of connecting prior knowledge to new information helps them make sense of complex concepts, identify patterns, and recognize relationships between different ideas. By drawing upon your existing knowledge and experiences, you will be able to integrate the new information into your existing mental frameworks and develop a more comprehensive understanding of the material covered.

  Your Learning Journal - 15 minutes

Consolidate your learning by documenting your learning journey so far. Scroll through all the slides to familiarize yourself with the content, then complete the journal entries.

Note: The information you enter is not stored in the system, so download your reflections before exiting the activity. Do this by clicking the button on the last slide.