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Critical Thinking Tutorial: Self Reflection Activity

This tutorial will empower you with valuable critical thinking skills that are essential for your university education.

Consolidate Your Learning

Critical thinkers approach the self-reflection process in a methodical manner. They consider the context in which the information is presented, taking into account relevant factors such as the source, credibility, and biases. They also seek out different points of view, actively considering alternative perspectives and weighing the evidence before arriving at conclusions or making decisions. This thorough evaluation helps critical thinkers avoid hasty judgments and allows them to make well-informed decisions based on a more comprehensive understanding of the topic.

  Your Learning Journal - 15 minutes

Use this activity to document your learning journey so far. Scroll through all the slides to familiarize yourself with the content, then complete your journal entries.

**Note: The information you enter is not stored in the system. Click the button on the last slide to download your reflections before you exit the activity.