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Critical Thinking Tutorial: Self Reflection Activity

This tutorial will empower you with valuable critical thinking skills that are essential for your university education.

Consolidate Your Learning

Honing your critical thinking skills involves becoming more accustomed to the mental effort or discomfort experienced when processing complex or contradictory information. By embracing cognitive dissonance, learners can enhance their ability to think critically and navigate challenging and conflicting ideas effectively. Reflect on your willingness to think deeply about the concepts covered in this module. Were you able to make clear connections between the experience, the course concepts and your existing knowledge, adequately expressing relevance to self and adaptation to a broader context?

  Your Learning Journal - 15 minutes

Document your learning in this module. Start by scrolling through all the slides to familiarize yourself with the content, then complete the reflections.

Remember to download your entries before exiting the activity by clicking the button on the last slide.