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Critical Thinking Tutorial: Using the SEE-I Method

This tutorial will empower you with valuable critical thinking skills that are essential for your university education.

SEE-I Example

Click the interactive hotspots to see an example of how the SEE-I method works.

Source: SEE-I was developed by Richard Paul and Linda Elder. Picture by Leila M. with content retrieved from

YOUR TURN - Using the SEE-I Method, Complete this Activity

Research indicates that when students connect new knowledge to prior or existing knowledge, they retain more of what they learn. In other words, "new knowledge 'sticks' better when it has prior knowledge to stick to" (How Learning Works, p.15). For example, students who make relevant and accurate connections between the new knowledge and their existing knowledge find they are better prepared to think more critically about the topic.

In this activity, the topic is LEARNING. Think about what you already know to be true about 'learning'. Then, using the SEE-I method, interpret the passage of text below.