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Clinical Medicine: Undergraduate Medical Education


Welcome to the Undergraduate Medical Education library guide!  This guide highlights a sampling of library books (mostly e-books), multimedia and other electronic resources that can be helpful for studying and learning.  This guide is not meant as a list of required readings for your courses, but as a sampling of library resources that can complement or supplement those texts.

If you have any comments, suggestion or resources you think should be added to this page, please feel free to contact the Clinical Medicine liaison librarian using the contact information on the Home tab of this guide.


Freely available Resources.

Anatomy Atlases - curated by Michael P. D'Alessandro, M.D.


Print Books in the Library.

Look at Course Reserves to see what is on reserve for your courses.  Also, search the library catalogue using the subject "human anatomy." 

A number of ebooks on anatomy are available through the following two ebook collections.  Browse the title lists (or within Clinical Key, browse by specialty) to see them.


Physical Examination

Pediatric Gait, Arms, Legs, Spine (pGALS) [Streaming Video] Version 06-03  Online videos of a screening examination of the musculoskeletal system in school-aged children, covering: gait, arms, and legs, and how to record findings.



 The Aboriginal Health research guide aims "to gather aboriginal health-related resources in one place but not restrict it to any one health discipline".   Two tabs are likely to provide resources relevant to the topic of culturally safe care in Aboriginal patients - Cultural Competency and Cultural Safety.

There are many ebooks on basic science topics.  Browse the book titles in the collections below to find some of the most useful ones.  Also check course reserves for your classes to find the titles your instructor has placed on reserve, and search our catalogue to find print or electronic books on your topic.

Teaching Heart Auscultation to Health Professionals  -- free, 2019 edition of an online textbook; endorsed by Canadian Cardiovascular Society and Canadian Pediatric Cardiology Association

Exam Study Guides

Quick Answers to Clinical Questions

Point of Care Tools

Point-of-care tools provide evidence-based synopses of clinical conditions.  DynamedPlus is an example of a point-of-care tool.


Drug Information


Systematic Reviews

A systematic review provides a summary of the clinical literature on focused questions about the efficacy of interventions, prognosis, diagnosis and etiology in specific patient populations. 


Clinical Queries and the Primary Literature

The Pubmed Clinical Queries search facilitates  searches for primary literature by helping you filter the literature to specific clinical cateogories - therapy, etiology, prognosis, diagnosis and clinical practice guidelines - and systematic reviews.