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Clinical Medicine: Find Images

Find Images in e-book Collections

Access E-book Collections (e.g., Access Medicine, AccessSurgery, AccessEmergency Medicine): Find images by entering a term in the search box and selecting "Images, Video and Audio" in the pull down menu.  You are able to save and download them to presentations for educational purposes.


 Clinical Key

Click on the hamburger (3 lines at the upper right), and log in to your Clinical Key (or Mendeley) account.  If you don't have one, click Register.)  Once you've set up an account, do a search for the topic of interest.  Click on the image of interest -- this should open a new window.  Click Add to Presentation.  Select a presentation that you've already created in Clinical Key, or create a new one.  Click "Add and view."  Click Export to download the images as a Powerpoint file.  

Image Databases

You can search for images related to a particular condition/disease or use the differential diagnosis tool to identify potential diagnoses based upon the visual clues and symptoms.  While educational use is permitted, read more at:


University of Saskatchewan copyright guide: